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Sheltered Housing

What is Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered housing is mainly for older people who want to lead independent lives in their own homes, while being able to call on help and support in an emergency.

This help is provided either by a Scheme Manager or the Central Control Office where emergency calls are directed.

When any emergency arises, a resident can call for assistance by pulling a cord in their homes which is linked to an intercom system. This call will either go to the Scheme Manager if s/he is on duty or otherwise to the Central Control Office.

What does the Scheme Manager do?

The Scheme Manager’s role is that of "a good neighbour", providing support and assistance without interference in the lives of residents.

The Scheme Manager will:

The Scheme Manager will not:

Where are our Sheltered Housing Schemes?

If you want to visit either or both of these Sheltered Housing Schemes please contact the Association by calling in or by telephone on 0345 2602633.

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