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Posted 19.5.21

Funding success for our exciting 'Potential Project'


We are thrilled to announce we have been awarded £124,731.81 from WCVA Active Inclusion Fund for a brand new project called the ‘Potential Project.’

The Potential Project has been supported by the European Social Fund through Welsh Government.

The project’s purpose is to help our tenants, as well as those living within the local communities, who are aged over 25 and looking to improve their skills with the goal of moving into employment. Once participants have been identified for the project, individual goals will be set and they will be supported to access activities such as:

• Confidence building

• Basic & social skills

• Money management skills

• Digital skills

• Active volunteering

• Learning to learn


The project, backed with £124,731.81 from the European Social Fund through Welsh government, will help address poverty and social exclusion for those furthest from the labour market through basic skill building and training in order to move participants closer to employment.

The project will run from 1st July 2021 - 30th June 2022,
and will be a really exciting time for us.

Through the Potential Project, we will be offering great employment opportunities by appointing two Project Officers and one Project Administrator.

The roles are now live:

For any further information on the project please contact Ann Costanza, Housing and Communities Team Leader:




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